Ulrika Malm

Ulrika comes from an academic background. While studying Communication and Multimedia Pedagogy and Technology at the universities of Stockholm and Uppsala she turned her view towards photography. At first as a student and later as a teacher she became renowned for her copper etching fine art work, illustrations and graphic design.

After her time as a teacher, Ulrika moves on to a more commercial path of photography and You might have seen her work when You open up your streaming app. Ulrika has shot key art, press and unit images for many nordic and international film and telivision productions.


As true esthetician, Ulrika infuses her work with a timelessness and a purity of vision that yet moves one on an emotional level, perhaps not surprisingly when one looks at Ulrika's background.  She lends her attentive eye to the viewer and allows us to partake in her view of the world.


Ulrika Malm was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1972. She divides her time between work and the old mill house 50 miles outside town where her dogs, chicken and horses supply a needed regression to nature.


Ulrika is available for commercial and editorial work worldwide.